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Details of Dr. Sadko M Mandzuka   


Gender male
Job title Head of Transportation Telematics Dep.
Department Intelligent Transport System, Faculty of Traffic Science
Hvarska 1
Tel +385 1
Fax +385 1
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Website http://www.fpz.hr/sadko
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Marine and Coastal Engineering , Marine and Coastal Engineering
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Sadko MANDZUKA)

Mand?uka, Sadko, Floating vessels control - mathematical modeling of the waves // IMAM 2005 Conference / Carlos Guedes Soares (Ed.), London : Taylor&Francis (A.A.Balkema), 2005.540-548 Mand?uka, Sadko; ?ikanić, Aco; Seferović, Dario, A Ship-handling Simulator - Sea Wave Modeling // Proceedings of the 2005 WSEAS Conference ACMOS / Husak, Miroslav ; Mastorakis, Nikos (Ed.). Prague, Czech Republic : WSEAS, 2005. P493-351 Mand?uka, Sadko, INTELLIGENT UNDERWATER SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES USE IN INTEGRATED OCEAN OBSERVATION SYSTEMS // Integrated Ocean Observation Systems for Managing Global & Regional Ecosystems Using Marine Research, Monitoring & Technologies. Mand?uka, Sadko; Bakarić, Vedran, Intelligent underwater systems and technologies Vision of R&D in Republic of Croatia // Proc. of First Conference on Marine Technology, Rijeka 2005.
Vukic. Z., Bakaric, V., Mand?uka, S., Unmanned underwater vchicles, Brodogradnja, 50, 2002, 2 Vukic. Z., Bakaric, V., Mand?uka, S., Characteristic Subsystems of Autonomous Underwater vehicles, Brodogradnja, 50, 2002, 3
Mand?uka, S., Mathematical Model of a Submarine Dynamics at the Periscope Depth, Brodogradnja, 36, 1998, 5-6. ?ikanic, Aco; Mand?uka, Sadko; Seferovic, Dario, EXPERIMENTAL METHOD OF MEASUREMENTS IN MULTIBODY DYNAMICS, 4th International Congres of Croatian Society Mechanics, Bizovac, Croatia, September 18-20, 2003. S. Mandzuka,I SISTEMI INTEGRATI MULTI-SENSORI BASATI SUL VEICOLO SUBACQUEO AUTONOMO ?POVIUM?,A strategy for proposal of transnational cooperation projects in the INTERREG III B - CADSES, Campobasso, Italy

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