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Details of Mr Paul Odartei Bannerman   


Gender Male
Job title Managing environment controls
Department Environment, Health and Safety Unit
P.O. Box BT62 Tema GHANA
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel 233 22 202346
Fax 233 22 203060
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Degree Msc
Job type Research
Research Activities Biologist- Ecologist , specialized in oil operations control and collateral risk associated to it (Environmental, spill, toxic substances, occupational risk, off shore in marine areas and in shore, continental regions); certified as management system Auditor ISO-14000 and ?BS-7750.? skills in Industrial ecotoxicology, evaluation and control of environmental impacts, risk control in operations and localization of areas for exploitation based in available technologies. Supervision and risk control in operations within API regulations. I Has interests in HSE reviews of projects and facilities, and the development of process and technical safety guidelines. As a consultant he organized and lead technical and engineering HSE reviews and identify need to build relationships and motivate work teams.

Biológo Marino y Ecológo especializado en control de operaciones petroleras y los riesgos asociados a las mismas (derrames , incendios fugas de sustancias tóxicas) con trabajos en el Caribe sur occidental, y zona de las Antillas en sectores de costa afuera y zonas estuarinas,evaluando recursos de la biota, previniendo y controlando impactos ambientales por procesos industriales.
Research Region Caribean sea and Orinoco river delta
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