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Details of Dr Joachim Ribbe   


Gender male
Job title Associate Professor
Department Biological and Physical Sciences
University of Southern Queensland, Biological and Physical Sciences ( USQ)
Toowoomba Campus West Street Toowoomba 4655
West Street
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +61 (0)7 4631 1452
Fax +61 (0)7 4631 1530
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Website http://www.usq.edu.au/users/ribbe
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Degree PhD, MSc, Diploma
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Joachim RIBBE)

Ribbe, J, 2014. Hervey Bay and Its Estuaries. In: Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and beyond. Springer Publishing. Editor: Eric Wolanski.
Macfarlane, M.H. and Ribbe, J. 2012. A simplified scale for assessing and communicating climate change impacts [online]. In: Climate Change 2012: Water and Climate: Policy Implementation Changes. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Practical Responses to Climate Change Conference, 1-3 May 2012, Canberra. Barton, A.C.T.: Engineers Australia: 601-607.
Ribbe, J., 2010. Observing Climate Trends and Hypersalinity in an Australian Coastal Bay. In: Climate Alert: Climate Change Monitoring and Strategy (Ed. You & Henderson-Sellers). Sydney University Press.
Gräwe, U., Wolff, J.-O., Ribbe, J., 2009: Mixing, Gradients and Hypersalinity in Hervey Bay, Australia. Ocean Dynamics. 10.1007/s10236-009-0195-4.
Cai, W., Cown, T., Dix, M., Rotstayn, L., Ribbe, J., Shi, G., and Wijffels, S. (2007). Anthropogenic aerosol forcing and the structure of temperature trends in the southern Indian Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters. 34, L14611, doi:10.1029/2007GL030380. Shi, G., Ribbe, J., Cai, W., and Cowan, T. (2007). Multidecadal variability in the transmission of ENSO signals to the Indian Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters. 34, L09706. doi: 10.1029/2007GL029528.
See http://eprints.usq.edu.au/ for manuscripts of the publications listed below; Ribbe, J. (2006). A study into the export of saline water from Hervey Bay, Australia. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 66, 550-558. doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2005.10.012. Donald, A., Meinke, H., Power, B., Wheeler, M. C., Maia, A. De H. N., Stone, R. C., Ribbe, J., and White, N. (2006). Near-global impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on rainfall. Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L09704, doi:10.1029/2005/GL025155. Cai, W., Shi, G., Cowan, T., Bi. D., Ribbe, J., (2005). The response of the southern annual mode, the East Australian Current, and the southern mid-latitude ocean circulation to global warming. Geophysical Research Letters, 32, L23706, doi:10.129/2005GL024701. Ribbe, J. (2005). Climate Modelling For the Class Room: The Application of Physics and Mathematics in a New Context. Teaching Science: The Journal of the Australian Science Teachers\' Association. 51(3), 24-37. Ribbe, J. (2004). The southern supplier. Nature, 427, 23-24. Murphy, B. F. & Ribbe, J., (2004). Variability of southeast Queensland rainfall and its predictors. International Journal of Climatology, 24(6), 703-721. Ribbe, J., (2002): An Introduction to Internet Based Climate Science Teaching. Australian Sciences Teachers Journal, 48(3), 28-35. Sørensen, J. T., Ribbe, J. & Shaffer, G. (2001). On Antarctic Intermediate Water Mass Formation in Ocean General Circulation Models. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 31, 3295-3311. Ribbe, J. (2001). Intermediate Water Mass Production Controlled by Southern Hemisphere Winds. Geophysical Research Letters, 28(3), 535-538. Ribbe, J. & Holloway, P. E. (2001). Modeling Sediment Transport By Internal Tides. Continental Shelf Research, 21(4), 395-422. Ribbe, J. (2001). Climate Change: What is happening in the ocean? Ciencia Al Dia Internacional. 4(2), 1-18. Ribbe, J. (1999). On Wind-Driven Mid-Latitude Convection in Ocean General Circulation Models. Tellus, 51A, 505-516. Ribbe, J. & Tomczak, M. (1997a). Effect of a Missing Indonesian Throughflow in the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model (FRAM). Journal of Physical Oceanography, 27(3), 445-455. Ribbe, J. & Tomczak, M. (1997b). On Convection and the Formation of Subantarctic Mode Water in the Fine Resolution Antarctic Model - FRAM. Journal of Marine Systems, 13, 137-154. Ribbe, J. & Tomczak, M. (1993). Reply to a paper by A. Doury. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 26(9), 530. Ribbe, J., Muller-Navarra, S. H. & Nies, H. (1991). A One-Dimensional Dispersion Model for Radionuclides in the Marine Environment Applied to the Chernobyl Fallout over the Northern Baltic Sea. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 14, 55-74.
Ribbe, J., Wolff, J.-O., Staneva, J., Gräwe, U. 2008. Assessing Water Renewal Time Scales for Marine Environments from Three Dimensional Modelling: A Case Study For Hervey Bay, Australia. Environmental Modelling and Software. 23(10), 1217-1228, 10.1016/j.envsoft.2008.02.007

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