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Details of Prof. Dr Wolfgang Balzer   


Gender male
Job title University professor
Department Dept. of Chemistry and Biology
University Bremen - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences-Geosciences ( MARUM )
GEO building Klagenfurter Strasse Bremen 28359
Tel +49-421-218-63070
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Website http://www.chemie.uni-bremen.de/chemie.html
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Degree PhD; Diploma in Chemistry
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Chemical Oceanography , Pollution , Chemical Oceanography , Pollution
Research Activities Chemistry and cycling of trace elements in the ocean; Particulate and dissolved forms of trace elements,speciation; Modelling of scavenging and aggregation processes; Dissolved organic carbon and the carbon cycle; Pore water processes; Polyaromatic hydrocarbons; Methods of marine trace analytical chemistry; Estuarine modification of trace elements
Research Region Subtropical North and South Atlantic Ocean; Northern Indian Ocean; Nordic Seas;T
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Dr Wolfgang BALZER)

Dierssen H., W. Balzer and W.M. Landing (2001) Simplified synthesis of an 8-hydroxyquinoline chelating resin and a study of trace metal profiles from Jellyfish Lake, Palau. Marine Chemistry, 73, 173-192
Ratmeyer, V., W. Balzer, G. Bergametti, I. Chiapello G. Fischer and U. Wyputta. (1999) Seasonal impact of mineral dust on deep-ocean particle flux in the subtropical Atlantic Ocean. Marine Geology 159, 241-252
Balzer W., W. Helder, E. Epping, L. Lohse and S. Otto (1998) Benthic Denitrification and Nitrogen Cycling at Slope and Rise of the Celtic Margin. Progress in Oceanography, 42, 111-126
Otto S. and W. Balzer (1998) Release of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) at the N.W. European continental margin and its significance for benthic carbon cycling. Progr. Oceanogr., 42, 127-144
Balzer, W. (1996) Particle mixing processes of Chernobyl fallout in deep Norwegian Sea sediments: Evidence for seasonal effects. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 60, 3425-3433.
Lapp, B. and W.Balzer (1994) Early diagenesis of trace metals used as an indicator of past productivity changes in coastal sediments. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 57, 4639-4652.
Erlenkeuser, H. and W.Balzer (1988) Rapid appearance of Chernobyl radiocesium in the deep Norwegian Sea sediments. Oceanol. Acta, 11, 101-106
Balzer, W. (1987) Forms of phosphorus and its accumulation in coastal sediments of Kieler Bucht. Ophelia, 26, 19-35
Balzer, W. (1984) Organic matter degradation and biogenic element cycling in a nearshore sediment (Kiel Bight). Limnol. Oceanogr., 29, 1231-1246
Balzer, W. (1982) On the distribution of iron and manganese at the sediment/water interface: thermodynamic versus kinetic control. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 46, 1153-1161

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