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University of Lund, Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences

Type Academic
Sölvegatan 37
Tel +46(0)462220000
Fax +46 046-2224024
Website http://www.geko.lu.se/index_e.asp
SeaDataNet-EDMO Record ID 2213
Activities At our department, we are engaged in education and research spanning a wide field of study, ranging from the Earth's oldest geological history to ongoing processes and changes in our landscape. We investigate the formation and composition of Earth, the development of life, the effects of recent glaciations on our landscape and how climate has changed over both short and long time scales. Our work also concerns the climate of today and the future, the interactions of ecosystems with the atmosphere, as well as applied environmental problems like polluted soils. Our diverse and cutting-edge research is well reflected in the courses and education programs that we offer, which means that after graduating our students are well prepared for the challenges of the labour market.

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