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World Agency of Planetary Monitoring & Earthquake Risk Reduction

Type Government
Rue de Jargonnant 2
CH 1207
Tel + 41 22 700 55 44; +41 78 749 4894; +41 21 808 8660
Fax + 41 22 700 0044
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Website http://www.wapmerr.org/
Activities WAPMERR was created in 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland, as a non-profit organization for the purposes of reducing risk due to disasters and for rescue planning after disasters. These goals are achieved by advancing methods of real-time loss estimates after earthquakes, by estimating the extent of future disasters in scenario mode, by calculating tsunami risks, by characterizing the nature of the building stock in cities at risk, and through monitoring by satellite images, as well as by earthquake prediction research.

In these efforts, we are collaborating with scientists in several western European countries, Russia, the USA, Japan, Asia and South America. The foci of these efforts are countries that are developing and may not have their own capability to assess the earthquake risk and extent of disasters accurately and rapidly.

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