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The University Centre in Svalbard, Department of Arctic Biology

Acronym UNIS
Type Academic
P.O. Box 156 Longyearbyen
Tel +47 79 02 33 00
Fax +47 79 02 33 01
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Website http://www.unis.no/20_RESEARCH/2020_Arctic_Biology/introduction.htm
SeaDataNet-EDMO Record ID 1420
Activities The Department of Arctic Biology at UNIS is the only European High Arctic situated biology department realizing undergraduate education, graduate research experience and Arctic research on a regular basis.
As the “Gateway to the High Arctic” in the North Atlantic region it provides students and scientists with excellent academic facilities to study Arctic organisms. Of special interest at the high latitudes are adaptations of organisms to extreme physical conditions and the constraints to various biological interactions under these conditions.
The UNIS Arctic Biology Department has active research programs within both marine and terrestrial biology/ecology following the general strategy and scientific focus at UNIS, where functional mechanisms and processes in the Arctic are emphasized and co-operation across traditional disciplines is encouraged.

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