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University of California, Institute of Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz

Acronym UCSC
Type Academic
A317 Earth & Marine Sciences Building
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz
CA 95064
United States
Tel 831.459.2464
Fax 831.459.4882
Website http://ims.ucsc.edu/index.html
Activities The University of California, Santa Cruz, is on the forefront of marine science research and education. Set on the edge of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the nation's largest marine sanctuary, the campus provides student and scientists who seek to study the ocean and its life a unique opportunity to pursue their dreams and ambitions. The Institute of Marine Sciences, an organized research unit of the University of California, has the responsibility to encourage, develop, and support marine science research and education.
The coastal zone is where complex geological, chemical, physical, and biological interactions occur. Its accessibility also makes it the most heavily impacted marine environment worldwide. Diverse human activities, including ocean dumping, wastewater disposal, non-point pollution, as well as fishing and recreation, all have a hand in determining the health of the nearshore environment. Ocean health is becoming a critical national and international issue and is a focus of the Institute of Marine Sciences.
The Institute of Marine Sciences is composed of faculty & researchers who are grouped into informal cluster groups according to their general area of study; staff, and students also conduct their research under the shared focus of the institute, both on campus in the Earth and Marine Sciences Building and at the Long Marine Laboratory Marine Science Campus, a few miles away on the coast. Long Marine Lab welcomes the public to its Seymour Marine Discovery Center where the endeavors of institute scientists are interpreted for visitors from around the world. The Institute of Marine Sciences invites you to explore the many opportunities available to conduct marine research with UCSC at locations around the Monterey Bay region and throughout the world.

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