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U.S. Enironmental Protection Agency, Western Ecology Division

Acronym EPA
Type Government
200 S.W. 35 Street Corvallis
OR 97333
United States
Tel 541-754-4600
Fax (1)[541] 867-4049
Website http://www.epa.gov/wed/
Activities The Division addresses scientific issues of major importance in formulating public policies, programs, and regulations to protect and manage ecological resources. WED scientists conduct research in a range of scientific disciplines, usually working in multi-disciplinary teams. In addition to their work at the Division's facilities and field sites, they collaborate with leading scientists at research institutions throughout the world. The research addresses the ecological processes that determine the response of biological resources to environmental change and to land and resource use. Priority is given to those ecological systems at greatest risk, with emphasis on the scientific uncertainties that most seriously impede ecological risk assessment.

Created: Last Updated: 2010-06-02

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