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Tokai University, School of Marine Science and Technology

Type Academic
Campus : Shimizu
3-20-1 Orido
Tel [81](543)340411
Fax [81](543)345095
Website http://www.u-tokai.ac.jp/international/undergraduate/marine_science_and_technology.html
Activities The Marine Science and Technology course considers those ocean-related phenomena that affect the planet as a whole, and addresses them from a wide range of perspectives. The School of Marine Science and Technology divides this field into four courses, namely, Engineering, Science, Fisheries, and Arts. Research into specialty subjects is pursued, while a course for training navigation officers for ocean vessels is also offered. For the Arts Course, the Department of International Distribution gives students the opportunity to learn about economic activities related to the ocean, while Japan's first Department of Maritime Civilizations offers studies in the cultures/peoples of the world as they relate to the oceans. This is a unique school that gives students the chance to comprehensively pursue, through oceanography, the preservation of the global environment, issues of energy and natural resources, and the ways in which mankind should interact with the ocean. The campus is ideally situated facing Suruga Bay, with practical education provided by the "Boseimaru," a marine research and training ship owned by Tokai University.

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