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University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences

Type Academic
5706 Aubert Hall, RM 360 Orono
ME 04469-5706
United States
Tel 207-581-4381
Fax 207-581-4381
Website http://www.umaine.edu/marine/index.php
Activities The School of Marine Sciences welcomes you to our site and encourages you to join our mission: to develop scientific understanding of the marine environment that is Maine’s heritage, to integrate and communicate that knowledge through interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate studies, and to apply it toward stewardship of sustainable marine resources. Our back yard, the Gulf of Maine, is the cradle of North American marine sciences, where the systems thinking of Henry Bryant Bigelow converged on the biological diversity explored by pioneers such as William Stimson, Louis and Alexander Agassiz and Addison Emery Verrill and later melded with the Hutchinsonian tradition of quantitative ecosystem analysis in the works of Gordon Riley.

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