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Naval Postgraduate School, Department of Oceanography

Acronym NPS
Type Research
833 Dyer Road
Bldg. 232, Room 328
CA 93943-5122
United States
Tel (831) 656-2757
Fax (831) 656-2712
Website http://www.nps.edu/Academics/Schools/GSEAS/Departments/Oceanography/index.html
Activities Our research mission applies the science of physical oceanography to Naval operations. Our areas of expertise include global and littoral/regional numerical prediction including the increasingly critical polar regions, nearshore oceanography and their impact on mine-counter-measures and amphibious warfare, littoral/coastal oceanography including the impact of littoral processes, eddies and boundary currents on ocean surveillance systems, and acoustical oceanography with an anti-submarine warfare focus.

Created: Last Updated: 2010-05-12

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