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Nagasaki University, Faculty of Fisheries

Type Academic
1-14 Bunkyo- machi Bunkyo-machi Nagasaki
Tel +81-95-819-2793
Fax +81-95-819-2799
Website http://www.fish.nagasaki-u.ac.jp/index.htm
Activities The primary objectives of education and research in the Faculty of Fisheries were first directed towards development and utilization of food resources, reflecting the social and economic background of Japan at that time. However, the fishing business and the science of fisheries supporting the scientific background of the former changed greatly along with the changes of world wide situation such as economic growth of Japan and enhanced resources nationalism. The science of fisheries has now become an overall science to study the policy to maintain bioproductivity while preserving the marine environment, as well as to utilize the marine organisms not only as the food resources but also as other useful resources. The protection of valuable gene resources in the sea and their utilization have been highlighted as a crucial research project of the science of fisheries. The Faculty of Fisheries has coped with these changes of fishing business and the science of fisheries, modifying its education- research system from time to time. Such modification will have to be made as required.

Created: Last Updated: 2009-11-30

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