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Stony Brook University, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Acronym SOMAS
Type Academic
Stony Brook University Stony Brook
New York
NY 11794-5000
United States
Tel 631-632-8700
Fax 631-632-8820
Website http://www.somas.stonybrook.edu/
Activities Welcome to the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University. We are the State University of New York's center for marine and atmospheric research, education, and public service. Currently, there are more than 500 undergraduate and graduate students and 90 faculty and staff from 16 different nations working together to better understand how our marine, terrestrial, and atmospheric environments function and are related to one another. Research at SoMAS explores solutions to a variety of issues facing the world today ranging from local problems affecting the area around Long Island to processes that are impacting the entire globe.

Created: Last Updated: 2010-05-27

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