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Korea Oceanographic Data Centre

Previously Korea National Oceanographic Data Centre
Acronym KODC
Type Government
408 Shirang-Ri
Gijang Up
Gijang-Kun County
Korea Rep
Tel (82)(51) 720 2210 / (82)(51) 720 2230
Fax (82)(51) 720 2225
Website http://kodc.nfrdi.re.kr/page?id=eng_index
Activities Currently, KODC maintains mutual cooperation with the oceanographic data center(local and functional RNODC) under the IOC/IODE, and is active in international exchanges of oceanographic information through the Working Committee of the IODE by collecting NOP, CSR/ROSCOP- III), and IGOSS/TESAC from five Korean organizations(National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, National Oceanographic Research Institute, Korea Coast Guard, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, and Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources). In addition, KODC maximizes synergy effects from the oceanic industry by delivering Korean and international oceanographic information promptly to Korean users through their interactive website.

Group(s): GOOS Created: 0000-00-00 Last Updated: 2011-01-20

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