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University of Hawaii at Manoa, Kewalo Marine Laboratory

Acronym KBMML
Type Research
41 Ahui Street Honolulu
HI 96813
United States
Tel (808) 539-7300
Fax (808) 599-4817
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Website http://www.kewalo.hawaii.edu/
Activities he mission of the Kewalo Marine Laboratory is to support the investigation of fundamental questions in biology using the rich diversity of animals, plants and microorganisms present in the Hawaiian near-shore marine environment. It fulfills this mission by providing resident and visiting biological scientists with optimal conditions for maintaining marine organisms in a healthy state while they are utilized as models for investigation of a broad spectrum of questions in molecular, cellular, developmental and evolutionary biology. Central to fulfilling this mission are the Laboratory’s excellent seawater system, core facilities, including standard and laser-scanning confocal microscopes, autoclaves and dishwasher, liquid-scintillation counter, lyophilizer, computers and standard analytical equipment, as well as ready access to many different littoral and near-shore marine habitats.

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