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Kenya Wildlife Service, Mombasa Marine National Park

Previously Kenya Wildlife Service
Acronym KWS-MMNP
Type Research
Box 82144 Mombasa
Tel +254-11-312744 / +254-11-312745
Fax +254-11-227774
Website http://www.kws.org/parks/parks_reserves/MMNP.html
Activities The marine park is located in Mombasa town along the Kenyan coast. The park comprises of the sea waters, mangroves, sea grasses, and sea weeds. The park is home to variety of marine life e.g. Crabs, Sea urchins, Sea cucumbers, Sea Stars/Starfish, Sea Jellies. Other spectacular attractions include the sand beach and coral gardens. The park is a popular snorkeling and diving location.

Created: Last Updated: 2011-01-20

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