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State Ministry of Research and Technology

Acronym RISTEK
Type Government
6th Floor, BPPT Building
Jl M.H. Thamrin No. 8
Tel +62-21-3169168
Fax +62-21-3102280
Website http://www.ristek.go.id/english/home.html
Activities VISION
To establish Science and Technology as the main force for sustainable prosperity and the nation's civilizations.
*To place Science and Technology as the basis for the policy of national development in achieving sustainable prosperity;
*To build ethical foundation for the development and implementation of science and Technology;
*To create solid national system of innovation for increasing the global competitive ability;
*To increase Science and Technology diffusion through the consolidation of the network of its actors and institutions, including the development of its mechanism and institutionalization of its intermediary;
*To build quality and competitive human resources, infrastructures, and institutions for Science and Technology;
* To create smart, creative, and competitive Indonesians in a Knowledge Based Society

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