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Jinan Universtity, College of Life Science and Technology

Type Academic
Guangzhou Guangdong
Tel [86](20)85220239
Website http://english.jnu.edu.cn/colleges_schools.html
Activities The programs offered the college have embodies vividly its principle of attaching great importance to solid theoretical foundation and practice. It is a multi-disciplinary entity that combines the disciplines of science, engineering, medicine, and integrates theory and application, where departments and research institutes can provide mutual supports and mutual benefits. Now the College has following departments:
Biological Engineering Department, Chemistry Department, Biomedical Engineering Department, Hydrobiology Research Center, Biological Engineering Research Institute, Reproduction Immunization Research Institute and Organ Transplant and Immunization Experiment Center. The university has had fruitful achievements in the various aspects of life science such as theoretical study, and the utilizations and applications of high and new technology of the field. Now the college has 46 patents, and the research on water ecology and red tides are famous across the country.

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