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Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility, Zoölogisch Museum

Previously Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility, Zoölogisch Museum, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Acronym NLBIF
Type Research
Mauritskade 61
1092 AD
Netherlands (The)
Tel +31.20.5255496
Fax +31.20. 525 7238
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Website http://www.nlbif.nl
Activities Research on fossil Stomatopoda (Crustacea, MalacoNLBIF is the Dutch national node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). GBIF aims to register all specimens in botanical, paleontological and zoological collections around the world, and make this information freely available on the Web.

If you are in the Netherlands and maintain a biodiversity database, you can link it to the GBIF network to make your data globally accessible. NLBIF will provide you with support and free tools to easily connect your database up to the GBIF network.

Created: Last Updated: 2011-01-28

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