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Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory

Acronym FSU
Type Research
3618 Coastal Highway 98 St Teresa
FL 32358-2702
United States
Tel 850-697-4139
Fax (850) 235-3559
Website http://www.bio.fsu.edu/coleman_lab/
Activities In the Coleman and Koenig Research Laboratory, our primary research focus is the connection between reef fish life history characteristics and habitat use. Specific lines of inquiry include recruitment patterns of juvenile fish, behavioral patterns of reef fish related to habitat, trophic linkages across horizontal (inshore-offshore) and vertical (benthic-pelagic) trajectories, and evaluation of the use of marine reserves for protected species, vulnerable life stages, and deep-sea corals. This research, plus our long-standing interest in conservation, led us to question how (or whether) such ecologically relevant information for exploited species was incorporated into management and reflected in governmental policy. What we have found over the years is that in many cases, the information is not properly transferred from scientists to policy makers and the general public.

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