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Indonesian Institute of Sciences,Research Center for Oceanography-IIS

Previously Research Center for Oceanography; Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Acronym RCO-LIPI
Type Research
Pasir Putih I,Road. East Ancol
North Jakarta
DKI Jakarta 14
Tel 62-21-64713850
Fax 62-21-64711948
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Website http://www.oseanologi.lipi.go.id
Activities In line with the new IIS’s paradigm as organization which “look outside”, many further changes planned by Research Center for Oceanography-IIS is focusing on the effort to recognize the public expectations. Furthermore is the effort to achieve intelligent, creative and innovative capability, in order to meet these public expectations.
One of the scenario which its early indicators was already revealed within recent years are, greater expectation from publics for accurate and provision oceanography information services. The services expected to be more right on time and effective as the public accountability demand are increasing.
These greater expectations are future challenges that must be addressed wisely, realistically and properly by Research Center for Oceanography-IIS. It must be reflected in the selected vision.
The Research Center for Oceanography-IIS vision’s formula which is a guide for addressing the future challenges mentioned above is:
“Manifesting oceanography intelligent ability in marine data acquisition and information providing for public”

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