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Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station

Acronym HMS
Type Academic
120 Oceanview Blvd. Pacific Grove
CA 93950
United States
Tel (831) 655-6200
Fax (831) 375-0793
Website http://www-marine.stanford.edu/
Activities Aerial Image of Hopkins Marine StationThe Hopkins Marine Station, located 90 miles from the main University campus in Pacific Grove, was founded in 1892 as the first marine laboratory on the west coast of North America. The modern laboratory facilities on the 11-acre campus on Cabrillo Point house ten faculty, all members of the Department of Biology. The Miller Library has a collection of literature in marine science. The Hopkins faculty offers undergraduate and graduate courses in biology which focus on the marine realm and involve topics including oceanography, environmental and comparative physiology, molecular evolution, biomechanics, cellular biology, conservation biology, and neurobiology and behavior. Most courses have laboratory sections that exploit the potential of working with readily available marine plants and animals. Small class sizes encourage close student-faculty interactions. Undergraduates have opportunities to carry out research projects with Hopkins faculty during the academic year or summer months. Courses are offered in Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. Summer classes are open to non-Stanford students.

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