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Chungnam National University, Oceanography and Ocean Environmental Sciences

Previously Department of Oceanography, Chungnam National University, Taejon, Korea
Acronym CNU
Type Academic
220 Gung-dong Yusong-gu
Korea Rep
Tel +82-42-821-6439 (Office) / +82-42-821-6431 (Department Office)
Fax +82-42-822-8173
Website http://plus.cnu.ac.kr/english/M02/sub_0203_08.jsp?major_code=Oceanography%20and%20Ocean%20Environmental%20Sciences
Activities With increasing an interest in marine resources, advanced states have invested vast amounts of money and effort into the investigation and development of the ocean. Korea has made efforts to explore and develop the ocean at home and abroad. Korea has been exploiting coastal seas, making resource developments in the Pacific, and constructing a research base on the Antarctic. Because of the insufficiency of experts in oceanography, there is an urgent need for graduates in this field. Oceanography is the scientific study of the natural phenomena of the ocean, and it is the synthetic science needed for the understanding all the natural sciences. It consists of four sub-fields:i) physical oceanography is the study of the movements and variations of water mass; ii) chemical oceanography focuses on chemical composition, reactions between seawater and air, and chemical processes between seawater and the sea-bottom; iii) biological oceanography studies living marine things and their ecology; iv) geological oceanography researches the characteristics of sediments in the ocean and the history of marine deposits.

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