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Loyola University, Department of Natural Science, Chicago

Type Academic
1032 West Sheridan Road Chicago
IL 60660
United States
Tel 773.508.2945
Fax 773.508.2983 (Please indicate "Natural Science Dept.")
Website http://www.luc.edu/naturalscience/index.shtml
Activities The Department of Natural Science provides an effective foundation in science for a liberal education by instilling in students a commitment to search for truth and a desire to apply knowledge in the service of others. The department offers courses that fulfill the university's Core Curriculum Knowledge Area requirement in scientific literacy, as well as courses supporting the Environmental Studies/Sciences Program and various degree programs in the School of Education.
The department is organized as an interdisciplinary science department to extend, preserve and impart to students scientific knowledge that enhances their understanding of humans, the earth and the universe. We value active participation in the individual sciences but also the ability to see relationships, appreciate historical and philosophical dimensions and recognize the human significance of scientific thought. We strive to enhance the student's ability to master not only the content of each discipline but also its modes of inquiry and logical reasoning.

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