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University of South Florida, College of Marine Science

Acronym USF CMS
Type Academic
140 7th Avenue South St. Petersburg
FL 33701
United States
Tel (727) 553-1130
Fax (727) 553-1189
Website http://www.marine.usf.edu/
Activities With the vision of a unified global, natural system in mind, the College seeks to build new interdisciplinary research teams in collaboration with our local partners. As stewards of the oceans, it is our mission to fully engage the national and international scientific communities, through the reporting of research results in the most respected oral and written venues, and by professional service. We strive to define and realize a bright future with the emerging issues that affect the economic conditions of the Florida West Coast Shelf and we seek to address a myriad of relevant societal issues such as overfishing, coastal erosion, red tides, ocean noise, dying coral reefs, hurricane predictions, sea level rise, floods, ocean acidification, and drought to build better, more environmentally-sustainable and safe communities.

Created: Last Updated: 2010-05-20

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