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Oregon State University, College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences

Acronym COAS
Type Academic
104 COAS Administration Building Corvallis
OR 97331-5503
United States
Tel (541) 737-3504
Fax (541) 737-2064
Website http://www.coas.oregonstate.edu/
Activities Faculty and students of Oregon State University’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences are advancing the frontiers of knowledge about the ocean, atmosphere and Earth system. Our success is based on an interdisciplinary approach and state-of-the-art technology and facilities.
COAS is a national leader in the study of coastal zones and ocean processes. Through field experiments, theoretical investigations and numerical modeling and simulations, we study all aspects of ocean, land and atmosphere processes and interactions.
Recognized as a leader in the study of small-scale ocean physics and mixing processes, COAS also has expertise in instrument design, field experiments, theory and modeling. COAS researchers lead national and international research using satellites for remote-sensing.
Within the OSU college, discipline groups oversee research and educational programs in atmospheric sciences, oceanography and marine resource management:
• Atmospheric Science
• Biological Oceanography
• Chemical Oceanography
• Marine Geology & Geophysics
• Marine Resource Management
• Physical Oceanography

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