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Canadian Museum of Nature, Research & Collections

Acronym CMN
Type Government
PO Box 3443,
Station D
K1P 6P4
Tel 613.566.4700
Fax 613.364.4021
Website http://www.nature.ca
Activities With more than 10 million specimens gathered over more than 150 years and covering four billion years of Earth history, the Canadian Museum of Nature keeps one of Canada's most valuable assets: our natural history collections.
The Canadian Museum of Nature's 24 major science collections represent Botany, Vertebrates, Invertebrates and the Earth Sciences.
Our holdings also include a Library containing more than 43 000 books and 100 000 volumes of periodicals.
The museum's Archives keep a nature art collection, a photo collection and our institutional archives.

Created: Last Updated: 2010-09-24

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