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California State Polytechnic University, Biological Sciences Department, Pomona

Acronym Cal Poly
Type Academic
3801 W Temple Ave Pomona
CA 91768-2557
United States
Tel +1 909 869 4038
Fax +1 909 869 4078
Website http://www.csupomona.edu/~biology/index.html
Activities The Biological Sciences Department incorporates the university's "learn by doing" philosophy in all of its programs-creating curricula that infuse fieldwork, research and laboratory experiences into its teaching and learning environments. Student Learning Objectives emphasize the concepts, abilities, skills, and values demonstrated by graduates from the department.
The department offers an undergraduate major in biotechnology, which is one of the few available in California. The department also offers a bachelor's degree in biology, (with options in biology, botany, microbiology, and zoology), as well as a degree program in environmental biology. Minor degree programs are offered in botany, plant biotechnology, plant pathology, microbiology, and zoology. Interdisciplinary minors are offered in comparative system analysis, environmental health, physiology, and quantitative research. A graduate program is offered leading to a Master of Science degree in the Biological Sciences. The area of specialization is determined on an individual basis.

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