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Hafrannsóknastofnun, rannsókna- og ráðgjafarstofnun hafs og vatna

Institution Name
In English
Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
Acronym mfri
Type Government
Skúlagata 4 Reykjavík
Tel +354 5752000
Fax +354 5752001
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Website http://www.hafogvatn.is
Activities Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) is a government institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Fisheries. The institute has around 160 employees, 2 research vessels and 10 branches around the country. MFRI conducts various marine and freshwater research and provides the Ministry with scientific advice based on its research on marine and freshwater resources and the environment. MFRI is leading in marine and freshwater research in Icelandic territories and the arctic, providing advice on sustainable use and protection of the environment with an ecosystem approach by monitoring marine and freshwater ecosystems. The main research priorities are research on marine and freshwater ecosystems, sustainable exploitation of main stocks, ecosystem approach to fisheries management, research on fishing technology and seafloor and habitat mapping.
MFRI is highly regarded in the scientific community and is therefore a valuable research partner, active at an international level with a strong infrastructure and high quality equipment. MFRI is an appealing work place with progressive human resources policy to strengthen the institute’s competiveness and an effective gender equality policy. Next year the MFRI will transfer to a new location with new improved working conditions to ensure effective work and to strengthen professional ambitions, followed by increased recruitment of staff and appealing projects for university students.

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