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Seak S.A.S

Acronym Seak
Type Private commercial
calle27 numero 1c -74 Santa Marta
Tel 571 3142905930
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Website http://www.seak.it/
Activities Seak (i.e. Sea and Seek) is a citizen science App that empowers youth worldwide (students, underwater photographers, scuba divers, scientists and casual, curious sea lovers) to photograph and georeference marine species. Simultaneously, this free mobile application (Seak) enables people anywhere in the world to have access to the images and learn about the sea and the marine life. Seak is based on a community of users who are continually building a database (curated by marine biologists) of their experiences in the ocean, integrating common and scientific knowledge within the framework of a fun, photo-sharing social networking app. Seak becomes the eyes under the sea for everyone curious about life below the water’s surface, no matter where the user may be located.

Created: 2016-07-04 Last Updated: 2016-07-04

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