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Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur & Energie

Institution Name
In English
Ministry of Environment, Nature and Energy
Acronym LNE
Type Government
Stationsstraat 110 Mechelen
Tel +32 25538011
Fax +32 25538005
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Website https://www.lne.be

Central role in Flemish environmental policy


The Environment, Nature and Energy Department (LNE) is the environmental administration of the government of Flanders. It is in charge of preparing, following up and evaluating the Flemish environmental policy. The structure of our department allows us to efficiently tackle all aspects of this multi-faceted task.

The Department holds a key position within the environment, nature and energy policy area. It prepares and/or hold the presidency of the Policy Council, the Management Committees and the different task forces on which the agencies (OVAM, VMM, VLM, ANB, VREG, INBO) also have a seat. It monitors the budget and personnel policy of the entire policy area, and tries to harmonise the actions as much as possible.

The Department also participates in large-scale projects of the Flemish Government with regard to agriculture, economy and town and country planning, for instance, or by coordinating them.

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