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Centro de Biologia Marinha, Universidade de São Paulo

Acronym CEBIMar
Type Academic
Rodovia Manoel Hipólito do Rego km 131,5 São Sebastião
Tel 55 12 38628400
Fax 55 12 38628454
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Website http://cebimar.usp.br/index.php/en/
Activities The Center for Marine Biology (CEBIMar) is a specialized institute of the University of São Paulo (USP) devoted to research, teaching, and outreach in this field. With ocean-front facilities, CEBIMar offers adequate infrastructure to meet such a demand. Among other facilities, our staff and visitors have access to laboratories with running sea water, tank rooms where living organisms can be maintained and manipulated, classrooms of different size, including an auditorium, and a specialized library. There is also housing and a restaurant which can be used by visitors. CEBIMar has the following objectives: I – produce original research and offer training in marine biology and related scientific fields; II – disseminate scientific advance through lectures, courses, seminars, interchange programs, internships, exhibits and publications; III – promote university outreach and teaching at different levels by offering elective undergraduate courses for students with majors in biology and oceanography, and advance graduate courses for both MSc and PhD students; IV – serve the community in areas of its expertise.

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