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Jordan & Yarmouk University, Marine Science Station

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Jordan & Yarmouk University, Marine Science Station
Acronym MSS
Type Academic
Marine Science Station Aqaba
Tel +962 3 2015144
Fax +962 3 2013674
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Website http://www.mesp.org/mesp_partner/mss
Activities The Marine Science Station (MSS) was founded in mid 1970s.
The main objectives of establishing the MSS were to create a marine research facility for scientist and post graduate students of the two Jordanian Universities that existed at that time; the University of Jordan and Yarmouk University, and to provide a haven for international scientists interested in studying the tropical-subtropical marine ecosystem.
The Gulf of Aqaba with its unique characteristics provides an ideal oceanic model for such studies.
In the station there is a public aquarium that attracts thousand of school students, tourists, official visiting groups and Jordanian citizens.
MSS beach’s and coral reefs have been declared as the first Marine Nature Reserve in the Gulf of Aqaba, with access restricted except for scientists.

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