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Malawi Department of Meteorological Services

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Malawi Department of Meteorological Services
Type Government
P.O. Box 1808MWI Blantyre
Tel +265 1822014
Fax +265 1822215
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Website http://www.metmalawi.com
Activities Meteorological data collection in Malawi dates way back to the early 1890s when the country became a British Protectorate.
Data then were recorded by administrators at the BOMAs, missionaries, farmers and a few interested individuals.
Thus the station network then merely reflected the logistics of the recorders or owners of the stations rather than technical aspects.
A good number of stations were sited along the Shire River and a concentration existed over the Shire Highlands in the tea estates.

Our Mission: to provide reliable, responsive and high quality weather and climate services to meet national, regional and international obligations through timely dissemination of accurate and up to-date data and information for socio-economic development.

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