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Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Soil Research Institute

Previously Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Acronym CSIR
Type Government
Soil Research Institute
P. O. Box M 32
Tel 233- 051-50353/50354;50060
Fax 233- 051 -50308
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Website http://www.csir.org.gh/index1.php?linkid=122&sublinkid=135
Activities The Institute has well-equipped laboratories and work stations for soil fertility evaluation, quantification of soil moisture, Soil compaction, microbial activity assessment, soil erosion monitoring, pollution monitoring, Soil/plant/fertilizer sample analyses, data analyses and databases creation and its management as well as computer asststed cartography work and photo-interpretation. The Institute’s headquarters is at Kwadaso-Kumasi on the Central Agricultural Experimental Station and has outstation in all the agro-ecological Zones of Ghana. A soil research Centre has been established in Accra with requisite facilities to cater for the institute's activities within the southern sector of GHana.

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