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Soges Spa, Headquarters

Previously Soges Spa
Type Private commercial
Corso Trapani, 16 Torino
Tel +39 011 5638611
Fax +39 011 5638610
Website http://www.sogesnetwork.eu/
Activities To know, to do, to be is SOGES S.p.A.’s philosophy which focuses on human capital, people’s value and their commitment, emphasizing the eagerness and the consciousness of being a concrete part of a change, the capital that identifies itself with the aim of every human process.
SOGES S.p.A. carries out its activity on great projects on behalf of public and private companies, agencies and institutions in Italy and in the World, filling a market niche which few can boast in history and dimension.
SOGES S.p.A. abroad has positioned itself as one of the most important Italian companies operating with the European Commission and other donors on technical support projects and international cooperation. It carries out its tasks in tight situations where political tensions and economic hardships make international aids fundamental.

Created: 2010-09-06 Last Updated: 2011-01-17

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