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Certificaciones del PerĂº

Acronym CERPER
Type Private commercial
Av. Santa Rosa 601 La Perla, Callao
Tel (51-1) 319-9000
Fax (51-1) 420-4128
Website http://www.cerper.com/
Activities CERTIFICACIONES DEL PERU S.A., is a private company founded on 1964, dedicated to offer technical services in the products certification, environmental analyses, tests, inspections, audits, consultant's office and audit to quality systems.
From its origin CERPER was bound to the hidrobiological sector, specifically fish meal, product in which was pioneering in the field of the certifications and analysis. Later amplies its action area to other ones, like agro-industrial and foods in general, with special emphasis in products of export, as well as all the related to the environmental (analysis, monitorings, studies of environmental impact).

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