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Hazard Management Cayman Islands

Acronym HMCI
Type Government
PO Box 10345
The Corporate Centre
27 Hospital Road
Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands
Tel 3459467900
Fax 3459465020
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Website http://www.caymanprepared.ky
Activities Hazard Management Cayman Islands has overall responsibility for the national hazard management programme, including preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery.

The agency deals with all hazards (man-made and natural) and is permanently staffed and ready to go operational at all times. HMCI is responsible for the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) which is located at the Fire Station in George Town.

The NEOC is activated to direct and coordinate the response to national threats. HMCI also has responsibility for maintaining the National Hazard Management plans for threats such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Group(s): IOC Created: 2010-04-15 Last Updated: 2010-04-15

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