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Padjadjaran University, Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Previously Padjadjaran University
Acronym Unpad Fmipa
Type Academic
Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM 21 Jatinangor Sumedang
West Java
Tel +62.22. 797712
Fax +62.22. 7794545
Website http://www.fmipa.unpad.ac.id
Activities Mission:
1. To manage education using five basic orientations, i.e., quality, autonomy, accountability, accreditation, and evaluation to conduct the Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (the three basic functions of university).
2. In education area: to produce graduates of diploma, bachelor, master, and doctor of every offered areas that posses competence in suitability of their strata, i.e., skills for the diploma; mastery and capability in following the development of sciences and application of skills for the bachelor; autonomy in developing science and technology for the master and doctor; and have capability in conducting scientifically communication.
3. In research area: to develop sciences, transfer them to the students, and pass them on to the community.
4. In community services: to employ the outcomes of basic and applied researches to the country development and the community prosperity.

Created: 2010-03-08 Last Updated: 2010-12-22

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