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Ministry of Marine Resources Eritrea

Acronym MMR
Type Government
Taulud Street Massawa
P.O.Box 27
Tel 291-8-534216
Fax 291-1-552177
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Website http://www.eritrearedsea.org
Activities 1. Develop fisheries infrastructure in key fisheries centres for higher volume and better quality production, and delivery and to attract domestic and foreign investment;
2. Through training and education develop human resource and build adequate technical capacity that meet international standards;
3. Introduce appropriate new equipment and know how to rehabilitate and upgrade existing enterprises;
4. Establish industrial enterprises for higher volume and better quality production and for the production and marketing of value added products. Such new enterprises can be government, joint venture, private, etc.;
5. Strengthen the applied research capacity with a view of establishing a sound information system on the marine habitat and resources and for the biodiversity conservation;
6. Build flexible institutional capacity that meet supervisory and commercial challenges;
7. Encourage aquaculture that use environmentally friendly technique and technology;
8. Organise and build the capacity of the fishing communities to increase their productivity as well as play pivotal role in the coastal area management;
9. Develop cooperation strategy and modalities that enhances beneficial cooperation with other Red Sea countries, established in the field foreign organisations, etc.; and
10. Develop appropriate marketing, especially export marketing, strategy and apply aggressive export marketing policy.

Created: 2010-02-08 Last Updated: 2010-10-22

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