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Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services

Acronym TTMS
Type Government
Rawinsonde Building
South Terminal

Piarco International Airport
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel 1-868-669-5465
Fax 1-868-669-4009
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Website http://metoffice.gov.tt/
Activities The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services is a Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities and Environment. It operates the following main divisions:
A Main Meteorological and Forecast Office located at the South Terminal Building at Piarco Airport
An Upper Air Station located opposite to BelAir Hotel at Piarco
A Climatological and Technical Division at the same location at the Upper Air Station
A Meteorological Observing Station at Crown point Airport, Tobago

Group(s): IOC Created: 2010-01-26 Last Updated: 2011-03-24

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