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Ludwig-Maximilians-University , GeoBio Center

Acronym LMU
Type Academic
Richard-Wagner-Str. 10 M√ľnchen
Tel +49-89-2180-6630
Fax +49-89-2180-6601
Website http://www.geobio-center.uni-muenchen.de/index.html
Activities Understanding the System Earth demands a transdisciplinary approach focusing on the mutual interactions between the geosphere and the biosphere. Not only did the evolution of the geosphere shape and control biodiversity patterns through time, but likewise the biological evolution has changed, controlled and continues to shape the geosphere. Important biological controls on the planet include geochemical cycles of essential elements (e.g., C, O, P, N, S), climatic change, and modification of the earth's lithosphere (e.g., by carbonate platforms and reefs, sedimentary iron deposits, coal and hydrocarbon-generating rocks). The understanding of the past, present and future of our planet's biodiversity state demands analysis of its geobiological controls.

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