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Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmósfera

Acronym CIMA
Type Research
Intendente Guiraldes 2160 - Ciudad Universitaria
Pabellón II - 2do. piso
Buenos Aires
Tel (54)(11) 4787-2693
Fax (54)(11) 4788-3572
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Website http://www.cima.fcen.uba.ar
Activities The CIMA (Research Center of the Sea and the Atmosphere), is one of the institutes under the
direct dependency of the CONICET. It is shared with the UBA (University of Buenos Aires)and it is located in the main campus of University of Buenos Aires, next to downtown of Buenos
The National Council of Scientific
and Technical Research (CONICET) is the main organism dedicated to the promotion of science and the technology in Argentina. The CONICET was created in February of 1958, responding to the perception socially generalized of the necessity to structure an academic organism
that promoted the scientific and technological research in Argentina. His first President was
Dr. Bernardo A. Houssay, the first Argentinean Nobel prize in 1947.

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