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Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory /The University of the West Indies

Acronym DBML
Type Academic
The University of the West Indies Mona
Tel (876) 935-8835/6
Fax (876) 977-1033
Website http://www.mona.uwi.edu/cms/dbml.htm
Activities The Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory (DBML) is a facility of the University of the West Indies dedicated to supporting research and the teaching of biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, hydrology and geography. The facility also seeks to apply the knowledge gleaned to the management of the natural resources in Jamaica's coastal zone.
DBML was founded in 1965 as a laboratory dedicated to research on the biology and geology of coral reefs and on the organisms inhabiting them. Originally only partly funded by the University of the West Indies (UWI), it later became an integral part of the University, closely associated with the Department of Life Sciences but with its own staff and Director. When the Centre for Marine Sciences (CMS) was formed at the Mona Campus in 1990, DBML became part of the new Centre.

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