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Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology

Previously Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
Acronym KIST
Type Academic
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology,
Avenue de l'Armée
P.O. Box 3900
Tel +2502 574698
Fax +2502571925
Website http://www.kist.ac.rw/index.php/faculties/56
Activities The B.Sc. Civil & Environmental Engineering is a five year degree programme designed such that graduate candidates acquire sufficient knowledge and skills in construction technologies, Environmental & hygienic technologies, building materials, water supply engineering, structural design for concrete and steel, and maintenance & repair management, that would enable them take up general civil & environmental engineering jobs in construction industry upon graduating. At least two years industrial experience is sufficient for the graduates to register as professional engineers. In general, graduates acquire knowledge and understanding, intellectual, practical and transferable skills necessary for the analysis and synthesis of civil & environmental engineering problems through a combination of lectures, practical experiments, project research, case studies, and industrial practical training.

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