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Black Sea NGO Network

Acronym BSNN
Type NGO
Regional Office and Country Office Bulgaria
PO Box 91
2 Dr. L. Zamenhof Str., fl. 2
Tel +359 52 615 856
Fax +359 52 602 047
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Website http://www.bsnn.org/
SeaDataNet-EDMO Record ID 1165
Activities The Black Sea NGO Network (BSNN), established in 1998 and registŠµred in 1999, is a regional association of NGOs from all Black Sea countries. The BSNN members, currently over 60, are brought together by the common concern for the decreasing environmental quality of the Black Sea and the need for the adoption of democratic values and practices in the Black Sea countries that follow the ideals of sustainability.

Group(s): IODE Created: 2009-09-03 Last Updated: 2013-07-02

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