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Oceanography Centre, University of Cyprus

Acronym OC-UCY
Type Research
PO. Box 20537 Nicosia
Tel +357-22892576
Fax +357-22892575
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Website http://www.oceanography.ucy.ac.cy
SeaDataNet-EDMO Record ID 711
Activities The Oceanography Center aims to contribute through research in the increase of the scientific knowledge of the sea around Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean as well as to improve and develop various components of operational oceanography (ocean physics, dynamics, ecosystems) in local, sub-regional and regional scales. In addition, the center aims to operate the Cyprus operational coastal ocean forecasting and observing system (CYCOFOS) in cooperation with existing operational ocean forecasting networks in Europe and the Mediterranean (MOON, MyOCEAN, MedGLOSS, etc) within the scopes of EuroGOOS, MedGOOS and GMES and to demonstrate and provide information on the marine environment to the decision makers, to the end users and to the public. Moreover, the Oceanography Center is keen to offer consulting services to other government and private sectors (such as search and rescue centers, oil spill pollution, pelagic fisheries, fish farming, desalination plants, disposal of industrial effluent, oil and gas industry, etc).

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