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Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Ecological Problems

Acronym USRIEP
Type Research
Bakulina st., 6 Kharkov
Tel +38(057)7021578
Fax +38(057)7021578
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Website http://www.niiep.kharkov.ua
Activities Key areas of the USRIEP's research activities, relating to the environment protection, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental safety, are listed below:
* Formulating the concept of the state environmental policy aiming to maintain the ecological equilibrium, ensure the environmental (and radiation) safety, improve the ecological state of natural environment and its components;
* Establishing/strengthening the legal, regulatory, economic and institutional framework of environmental management;
* Providing a scientifically sound rationale for the control and management of water resources on a catchment basis;
* Strengthening the capacity for environmental monitoring through the provision of scientific, methodological, metrological, technical, informational, legal and institutional support;
* Preparing the environmental action programmes, draft regulations/standards, integrated nature protection measures, environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents; providing a scientifically sound framework for the environmental due diligence review and environmental auditing;
* Developing environmentally sound sanitation technologies and schemes;
* Preparing the industrial waste management strategies and plans;
* Examining the state of air basin and planning the actions on its protection;
* Providing a scientifically sound rationale for the development of protected areas and natural reserve networks;
* Ensuring the conservation of biological diversity;
* Providing the scientific and methodological support to the relevant regulatory authorities in the field of environment protection/management and natural resource management;
* Drafting the legislation and regulations to provide a framework for the sustainable development planning on a regional basis;
* Supporting the regional capacity for environmental management.

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