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Taurida V.I.Vernadskiy National University

Acronym TVNU
Type Government
4, Vernadsky Ave. Simferopol
Tel +380652638939
Fax +380652638939
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Website http://www.crimea.edu/tnu/
Activities The mission of the University in these terms consists in the following:
to give high-quality university education, which is built on principles of humanization and tolerance, democratization, practicality and pragmatism, continuity and variability, adaptability and optimality;
to educate a harmoniously developed personality, patriot of the Ukrainian state as a component part of world association;
to form a socially active tolerant man with high spiritual qualities, able to self-development and self-perfection;
to provide high functionality of young people in the conditions when ideas, knowledge and technologies change far more quickly, than generation of people;
to produce in students a capacity for the conscious and effective functioning in the globalized, informative society, increasing communicativeness of life and informative saturation of environment, to teach students to study during all their life;
to provide preparation of highly skilled specialists for public authorities, production, education, science and culture, capable to study constantly during their life;
to develop fundamental and applied scientific researches;
to integrate gradually into world educational space, keeping the best traditions of the domestic system of education.

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